Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Louis XVI: trial and execution.

Here is the Convention's indictment of Louis XVI and an eyewitness report on his execution. This account is especially valuable as it comes from the Catholic priest who accompanied him to his execution.

Here is Thomas Paine's courageous speech opposing the king's execution.

Here are the reports in the Times on the king's execution. As you can see the execution aroused great outrage in Britain.

After Louis' death there were numerous sentimental representations of the king being forced to part from his family for his trial. This fitted in well with the domestic ideology of the day. Whereas French royalists depicted the king as a Catholic martyr, English Protestants represented him as the model family man. The people in the paintings are the king himself, Marie Antoinette, his daughter, Marie Thérèse (Madame Royale), and the little dauphin (Louis XVII). Next is a depiction of the harrowing event when the dauphin was parted from his mother in July 1793. Below that is a portrait of Madame Elisabeth in happier times. As always, you should click to enlarge.